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Institute for agricultural and food industry economics

The frame of the institution of the economics of agriculture and food science industries  works on the transfer and application of knowledge and information and creating innovative solutions with the inactive of strengthening the cooperation of all agents of community and advancing agricultural and food science industries as the foundations for a stable and maintainable Bosnian-Herzegovinian society. In order to carry out the stated, the institution works in areas such as: creating and implementing public policies, transition of society and European integration, international trade, institutional economy, trade and marketing of agricultural and food products, and controlling the quality of rural advancement among other things. Next to the stated, the institution works on establishing an internationally compatible system of life long education (on all levels) in the area of economical agricultural industry for all those interested groups in B.H society, along with working on  constructing social, cooperative networks, creating, implementing, and grading developmental projects and programs which have the aim of contributing to the advancement of  both the agricultural and food sciences sector along with rural communities and the whole of B.H agriculture.