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Institute for pedology, agrochemistry and meliorations

The land is an irreplaceable and hardly renewable natural resource necessary for the survival of the living world. Therefore, the soil-water- living world system needs a lot of attention. The land determines the potential of agricultural development of an area with its physical, chemical and biological characteristics. The Institute for Pedology, Agrochemistry and Melioration (PAM) in its focus, through professional and scientific research work and education, covers all land segments as an extremely valuable natural resource.

Due to its complexity and multidisciplinarity, this Institute covers several areas that complement each other. Thus, the Institute deals with soil analysis, mapping, classification, planning and protection of land resources, as well as the effects of soil degradation and measures of its recultivation, as well as aspects of climate change that affect the land.

The field of Agrochemistry implies: chemical soil analysis and recommendations for improvement of its quality (increase in the integrity and manner of use), the Institute deals also with the analysis of water, materials of plant and animal origin and food.

Within Melioration, technical solutions measures are recommended for improving the properties of agricultural land, in order to achieve maximum agricultural production in the given agroclimatic conditions. This includes physical and chemical analyses of soil and water, water balance analysis and evapotranspiration, the need for drainage and irrigation, and protection against erosion.

In times of climate change, more pronounced emergencies of extreme weather conditions and increasing population needs, the importance of this institute is reflected in its focus on rural development and rural ecology, sustainable agriculture and climate change, or, in other words, all current affairs in the field of agriculture.