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Institute for agricultural engineering

The Institute for Agricultural Engineering focuses on the field of education, scientific research and the assistance to business sector. Primary activity is student’s education at three study cycles, farmer trainings and lifelong learning programs designed to train tractor drivers. The Institute has a well equipped laboratory for testing agricultural machines, accompanying classrooms for theoretical and practical education and the staff necessary for scientific research and service.

During the work of the Institute, many national and international projects were implemented and focused on the farm equipment, cooperation in the production and marketing of agricultural mechanization, agricultural machine testing, assistance in the development of laws and subordinate legislation regulating the traffic and use of agricultural mechanization. The Institute has a license “Authorized laboratories for controlling machines and devices for physiological use of pharmaceuticals”.

In addition, the Institute works to maintain business technical cooperation with similar institutions in the country and abroad. We are also co-organizers of numerous scientific expert meetings. We are participating in the academic network of professors of agricultural mechanization in South East Europe with whom we have realized several projects and studies. We are committed to improving the relationship that contributes to the progress of both the agricultural sector and the rural communities and the entire BiH economy.