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Institute for field crops, vegetable and forage crops

Within the Faculty of Agriculture and Food sciences of the University of Sarajevo, the Institute for  Field Crops, Vegetable and Forage Plants has developed into a highly asserted scientific and professional department. The primary objective of the Institute is to transfer theoretical knowledge and practical experience in the area of technological processes of producition of the field crops, vegetables and fodder plants to students, and all others interested in this field, and to educate experts who will respond to the needs of sustainable plant production with special emphasis on environmental protection and biodiversity conservation.

The latitude of work of the Institute consists of: planning, organization and implementation of scientific and research work in the area of field crops and vegetable production; conducting qualitative and quantitative analyzes of plant material with emphasis on seed quality testing; introduction and testing of modern technologies in the production of field crops, vegetable and fodder crops; establishing  conditions for practical quality work with the aim of raising the efficiency of studying; organizing lifelong learning courses and providing education to all interested in the domain of the Institute’s activities, and; providing scientific and professional services to agricultural holdings, cooperatives, state institutions and business entities.