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Institute for plant protection and food product safety

The Institute for plant protection and food product safety handles teaching and research in the field of agricultural and food technology.

The Institute includes scientific disciplines such as microbiology, phytopathology, entomology, herbology and plant protection chemistry. All these disciplines are combined with the professional activities of the Institute with the purpose of finding innovative and applicable solutions for the protection of agricultural crops in order to support Bosnia and Herzegovina’s agricultural producers. 

The Institute has diverse research fields and includes studies of various microorganisms, etiology and epidemiology of plant diseases, occurrence and distribution of harmful insects and weeds, as well as the effectiveness of chemical substances on harmful biological agents. In addition to examining the physicochemical and biological properties of pesticides, testing for resistance of
harmful biological agents on pesticides is also carried out.

During the last few years, intensive effort has been made on the introduction of IC technologies to the agricultural sector of Bosnia and Herzegovina with the aim to strengthen the development of integrated plant protection and to protect the environment. When it comes to environmental protection, the Institute conducts a series of research studies about bioremediation of soil and water as well as isolation and neutralization of soil and water pathogens.

In addition to research activities, the Institute engages in internationalization and harmonization of curriculum in the field of phytomedicine, as well as the development of lifelong learning, which is especially evident through the implementation of the TEMPUS, LifeADA, HarISA and ERASMUS+ project.